Photo spectrometer
Photo spectrometer

Photo spectrometer

The New Industry Standard for Multi-Angle Handheld Spectrophotometers


  • Precise readings of coloured metallic sparkle and coarseness make repeatability and reproducibility more than twice as good as that of other devices on the market, minimizing waste and re-work across the production process
  • Capable of reading solid colour, metallic, three-stage pearls, effect colours and gloss depth.
  • Fully characterize and measure effect finishes across a variety of applications, from automotive paint to plastics and metals, with 5 angles of measurement to increase speed-to-market. The 5 angles help to reduce differentials on flip and flop measurements.
  • Results you expect — measurements that more closely approximate the way the eye perceives colour — streamline approval processes
  • Intuitive interface reduces the learning curve and increases measurement efficiency